About Mari Uusitalo


Mari Uusitalo is a Social Communications Strategist, Networking Enthusiast and an Entrepreneur with a passion for conceptualizing and systemizing marketing and communications to down-to-earth, demystified, bite size chunks of information. Her insights bring you peace in the hectic ever changing Social Media scene and you become at ease when you realize what strength lies in your communications efforts, when they are born from your business objectives and core messages.

She has long-term experience in corporate communications as a Producer and Editor in Chief and a Learning Development Manager in a network of 40 companies. Her innovative, visioning and empowering style is now put to use in her own business. She mentors small business owners to follow their path of purpose, self growth and success by teaching them the marketing and communications skills needed in this new social networking era. The secret is using concepts and formats to make marketing and communications easy and effective and so irresistible to your ideal clients that they line up to work with you.

Connect with her on twitter.com/mariuusitalo or facebook.com/mariuusitalo or linkedin.com/in/mariuusitalo